Growing the quality of life our neighbors deserve.

In 2013, the State of South Carolina commissioned a study (Making Small Farms into Big Business) that showed residents spent $11 billion on food but only $1 billion of that food was produced in the Palmetto State. Fresh Future Farm (FFF) is Germaine Jenkins’ response to the challenges and opportunities identified in that report. 

FFF is a Black-led nonprofit that disrupts food apartheid (access without control) while building community. Staffed by residents, the Farm is radical in its response to expressed and felt needs. We apply a multi-pronged strategy to address health, wealth and quality of life issues where marginalized people share power with us. We operate a natural farm and sliding scale USDA grocery store in a residential neighborhood. We offer natural gardening classes, youth tours, STEAM-based farm camps and cultural events steeped in justice, ethnobotany and culinary arts. Our John Egerton Prize-winning farm fortifies grassroots leadership, land justice, Black farmers and food entrepreneurship for equitable and regenerative food systems that feed livable communities.


The last traditional grocery store in Chicora/Cherokee closed in 2005 after the Navy Base closure in 1996. It is 1 of 11 communities experiencing food apartheid in North Charleston. There are 32 in Charleston County.


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Fresh Future Farm is a nonprofit urban farm, grocery store, and event space located in the Chicora/Cherokee neighborhood in North Charleston.

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2008 Success Street

North Charleston, SC 29405

PO Box 22194, Charleston, SC 29413 (mailing)

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