The Farm Store is open!

While you still can't enter the store, you can now shop our abbreviated inventory on Wednesdays (10 AM - 6 PM) and Saturdays (8 AM - 3 PM). Follow our social media for information about special dates, cancellations, etc.

All customers MUST wear masks. If you don't have your own, we will provide one to you. Social distancing will be inforced. No more than 3 parties (of 3 or fewer) will be allowed inside the gate.  


We address health, wealth, and quality of life issues through radical work.

The Farm offers grocery services, farm training, micro-entrepreneurship support, and online education and agritourism events

South Carolina Poverty Rate - 18.73%

South Carolina Median Household Income - $47,701

Chicora/ Cherokee Poverty Rate - 37.9%

Food Apartheid Areas


North Charleston

Chicora/ Cherokee Median Household Income - $22,742

The Farm serves Chicora/Cherokee, one of eleven neighborhoods experiencing food apartheid in the city of North Charleston.

Disinvestment has created underserved spaces that lack:

  • traditional grocery stores

  • quality jobs

  • affordable housing


Additionally, the southern end of the city:

  • is overrun with hazardous industrial zones

  • suffers from the highest eviction rate in the US.


We hire from the community and pay our employees livable wages.

30K for Neighbor Pay

South Carolina has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the United States, but most of those jobs pay low wages, forcing employees to struggle to afford their basic necessities. At FFF, we're different. Many of our employees know what it's like to work for low pay. We don't want anyone to have to worry about paying their bills while working for us.

We're raising $30,000 to fund the liveable wage salaries for two new part-time employees.

P.O. Box 22194

Charleston, SC 29413

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