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About FFF

Our Story


Germaine Jenkins founded Fresh Future Farm to address the health, wealth, and quality of life disparities in the Chicora/Cherokee neighborhood. Germaine, like many of the neighborhood's residents, struggled to access affordable, healthy food. She and all of the farm staff believe that everyone deserves to eat quality food. That why Fresh Future Farm grows healthy food to build strong communities.

Our Chief Farm Officer was born in Hartsville, SC and raised in Cleveland, OH. She returned to the Palmetto State and earned degrees in Baking & Pastry Arts and Food Service Management from Johnson & Wales University. After finishing college, Germaine worked and volunteered in the nonprofit sector for the next 11 years. Ms. Jenkins completed Commercial Urban Agriculture certification from Growing Power Inc and won seed capital to start Fresh Future Farm. Outside of the farm, Germaine enjoys loving on her glam-baby, Brazilian culture, ethnic cuisine and the way Elektra read that lady at the country club (SPOILER ALERT!).

Our Team

Chicken Whisperer
Anthony is a native of downtown Charleston. He is a lover of pets, fried fish, and the Dallas Cowboys. He dreams of living closer to his extended family. 

Special Projects
Anik Elsi was raised in Charleston but born in Ohio. They enjoy traveling, journaling, and listening to podcasts. Their dream is to own a product design firm.


Farm Manager
Adrian Mack Jr. was born in Florence but raised in Charleston. He is a kettle corn conneisuer, and loves his daughter and sneakers. Adrian dreams of a career in IT or mechanical engineering.
Store Manager
Tamazha Pilson is from Richmond, Virginia. She loves outdoor activities, cooking, and gardening. Her dream is to own a homestead and farm-to-table restaurant.



Our Board


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