2019/2020 FFF Annual Report & 2021 Teachable Moments

When we participated in filming an episode of United Shades of America earlier this year, I didn't realize how much the wealth gap would be impacting farm operations a few months later. As we adjust our operations to survive the change, our Chief Farm Officer felt that this was a teachable moment in our collective history.

As our annual report demonstrates, FFF continues do the hard work needed to provide natural, nutrient-dense produce, top quality groceries, jobs, education and dignity in the Chicora/Cherokee neighborhood. Unfortunately, when the pandemic hit, we saw a huge decrease in the number of neighbors visiting our store because of incessant food distributions blocks away from our shop. This type of philanthropy is extractive and counters the regenerative work happening here on Success Street.

We are all fortunate that the Lowcountry is overflowing with generous community members. That giving spirit has been on full display this last year. However, constant giveaways have a negative impact on neighborhood businesses, especially those that are Black-owned. Solidarity with entrepreneurs, not charity, is key to ensuring long term quality of life improvements. What can community members do differently and still help those in need?

Five Justice Driven Ways to Invest in Food Sovereignty

We have incredible plans for a more just food and social landscape. Corporate sponsors are welcome to join us in reaching our self-determining food economy goals!

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