3 Quick Branding Tips

Branding can seem like an overwhelming concept. How do you create visuals that express what your organization is all about? With these three tips, you are on your way to having strong branding.

Simplify your logo.

Busy logos are hard to distinguish and give the impression that your organization is disorganized or poorly run. Remember your logo and other visual elements represent your business. What does your logo say about your business?

Have a balanced color palette.

This tip might be a bit nit-picky, but color palettes that have a wider range of diversity (in terms of differences in hues, tints, tones, etc.) are more appealing to the eye. To avoid going into a color theory explanation, I'll simply say that your color palette should include dark, light, and medium colors. Dark colors are closer to black, light colors are closer to white, and medium colors are somewhere in between.

Use legible fonts.

If your font is not legible, it will not be read. Highly decorative fonts may look nice, but they are not good for communicating your ideas. Use them rarely. If you want to use a more decorative font in your logo, make sure that you can still read it.

Use these three tips and your brand will be instantly elevated!

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