The Long and Rewarding Road to Fresh Future Foods

Reusable/recyclable containers filled with Fresh Future Foods pasta sauce. The foil containers (got two lids on upside down) are for our freezer and the plastic containers go in the farm store fridge.

Last week, our Chief Farm Officer transformed some of our raw summer crops and grocery items into value-added foods! Getting into the kitchen is exciting for four big reasons:

  • extends the shelf life of our produce and groceries

  • minimizes food waste

  • provides nutrient dense dishes that are easy to heat and eat

  • value-added inventory generates more revenue for the store while still remaining affordable for customers

The other food justice forward aspect of the work is access. Fresh Future Farm has its own USDA certified grocery store so we don't have to court other stores or face competition to get our culturally-relevant housemade products on the shelf!

Visit our YouTube page to see week one's process. Customers can find new value-added items on Wednesday and Thursday.

Special thanks to EFOD (Equitable Food Oriented Development) and our board member Chad Carter for helping us get into production mode.

Along with the assorted pasta sauces, Germaine also brewed sweet and unsweet ginger lemon tea.

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