As a child, Germaine’s parents were the best cooks she knew. Her love with the culinary world grew Saturday afternoons watching Martin Yan, Jacques Pepin, and Julia Child on PBS. After she had kids of my own and graduated from Johnson & Wales University, Ms. Jenkins got attention. She was offered three different positions for her cooking and food science skills. “Uh oh, I got my cookin’ jones on” was a familiar declaration to her toddlers that mama was gonna take what she learned from her parents, PBS, a collection of at least 30 cookbooks, friends, and her time as Nutrition Coordinator at the Lowcountry Food Bank to bring those tastes from around the world to their little kitchen in the projects. Many of those recipes landed on a ragtag website ( that Adrian helped her populate. As Germaine worked to build Fresh Future Farm, home cooking took a back seat until the farm store opened and she was able to share customized and culturally relevant cooking ideas with the Farm’s customers. Crafting this cookbook was an awesome trip down memory lane for her. Cookin’ Jones was created as a resource for new cooks and experienced cooks alike to add twists to their cooking routine. Highly flavored healthy food is a joy and not a chore. Most recipes can be customized to meet dietary needs or the ingredients are available in your refrigerator and pantry. Food is medicine and medicine can taste delicious!

Cookin' Jones: Ignite your Culinary Spirit